Corporate History

Recognized as the technical services company that achieved the highest operating revenue growth rate of Brazil with an increase of 160% over the prior year: magazine O Empreiteiro

Sold UBERCON –Uberaba Concessões Ltda.,earning a net profit of 313%, including dividends, over the invested capital.Sold TRICON –Triangulo Concessões Ltda., earning a net profit of 420%, including dividends, over the invested capital.

Formed IBICON –Ibituruna Concessionáriade Terminais Ltda.Received recognition as the 269thlargest company in Minas Gerais’500 companies: FIEMG.Received recognition as the technical services company that achieved the highest operating revenue growth rate of the year in Brazil: magazineOEmpreiteiro.

Continued its business expansion: provided technical services in the fields of transportation, urban planning, water distribution, swage treatment, and engineering, procurement, e construction management; formed new public services concession companies.Formed SANARJ –Concessionáriade Saneamento Básico Ltda.Formed Águasde Bom Sucesso Ltda.

Sold CONTERMI –Concessionáriade Terminais Ltda.earning a net profit of 84% over the invested capital within a period of 2 years.

Formed COSÁGUA –Concessionáriade Saneamento Básico Ltda.

Formed TRICON –Triângulo Concessões Ltda.Formed UBERCON –Uberaba Concessões Ltda.Formed CONTERMI –Concessionáriade Terminais Ltda.

Received recognitionHonra ao Méritofor its participation among the 500 largest of the construction field: magazineOEmpreiteiro.

Eng.Maurício Dias Fernandesjoined the corporation and became the President and CEO.Consolidated as one of the largest and most reputable organizations in the Technical Services field providing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management services to governmental and private institutions.Began diversification of its portfolio of assets.Forms TERVISA S/A –ConcessionáriadeServiços Públicos.

Provided technical services in the environmental preservation and restoration fields, architecture design and construction management of industrial and commercial building.

Provided services in the areas of Urban Infrastructure Engineering for the Housing Development Company (COHAB-MG) of Minas Gerais. Implemented several projects for many municipalities throughout the State.

Began the expansion of its operating activities to become one of the largest and most reputable organizations of Technical Servicesin the state of Minas Gerais.Initiated operating activities in the areas of Road Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management for the Department of Transportation of Minas Gerais(DER-MG) and the capital Belo Horizonte, MG.

Consolidated as a Highway Intersections and Urban Planning company providing technical services to the state of Minas Geraisand the capital Belo Horizonte.

Converted into a type “S”Corporationto meet operational and shareholders’needs.

Established as a Limited Liability Partnershipto provide engineering and construction management services to the public infrastructure administration.