PLANEX S/A is an engineering and technical services company for the infrastructure development sector. The Company was formed in 1970 in Belo Horizonte, the capitol city of the state of Minas Gerais,  as a Limited Liability Corporation. Its founders, economists and engineers in a variety of technical specializations, brought to the Company their technical expertise and management experiences accumulated in the administration of similar companies and/or agencies of the public infrastructure administration.

PLANEX S/A - Consultoria de Planejamento e Execução is among the most reputable and traditional companies in the infrastructure development sector in the state of Minas Gerais. The Company has elaborated traffic engineering and urban planning studies and projects, airport engineering projects, wastewater treatment plants and water distribution facilities projects, industrial and residential districts projects, building engineering projects, environmental recuperation and risk management projects, economic feasibility studies, construction management projects, traffic data processing studies and quality control projects.

The expertise of it's technical staff is a competitive advantage of PLANEX S/A. The Company is capable of presenting unique and innovative solutions to the most challenging technical problems. This capability of PLANEX S/A is demonstrated in the superior quality of its projects.

Among its extensive list of clients, PLANEX S/A services the public administration agencies on Federal, State, and Municipal levels, government controlled enterprises, and companies of the private sector. The vast variety of services and clients of PLANEX S/A can be verified on its Projects Portfolio. This Portfolio built over the past 38 years certifies the Company’s ability to bring plans and ideas to execution and concrete development.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the representation of the Company and execution of its strategic and operational plans. It is comprised of Maurício Dias Fernandes, President and CEO, and Vênio Rocha Machado, Technical Director. The Paid-in capital of PLANEX S/A is R$3.001 million and its Shareholder’s Equity was R$7.022 million as of December 2006.

The administration of PLANEX S/A is made up of an Executive Team and a Board of Directors, as is shown on the Organizational Chart.

The Company’s articles of incorporation were elaborated to allow the offering of consulting, auditing, and technical services to the Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning fields. To better serve its industry and its operational needs, PLANEX S/A  became a type "S" corporation in 1971 and continues under the same structure today.

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